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Infrared Metrology with Visible Light

Infrared metrology finds wide application ranging from gas sensing in industrial safety and quality control to biomedical diagnostic imaging and food safety. This is due to the prevalence of chemical composition- and structure-dependent infrared fingerprints. As a result, infrared hyperspectral imaging, an example of infrared metrology, is capable of resolving the spatial and spectral distribution of chemical constituents in materials. 

Here, at Quantum Technologies for Engineering, we are developing infrared metrological technologies, such as spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging, based on quantum mechanical principles of entanglement and interference. As a result, material information in the infrared are measured via visible light detection [1]. This enables the use of low-cost, non-export-controlled, well-established and ‘green’ visible light sources and detectors, thus leading to significant cost-savings and operational flexibility.

Interested to learn more? Please contact Anna Paterova or Thomas Produit for more details. 

[1] Hyperspectral infrared microscopy with visible light, Science Advances 6(44), eabd0460 (2020).

Infrared metrology with visible light
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