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Integrated Single-Photon Avalanche Detectors

Silicon photonics is a key enabler for scalable deployment of many emerging technologies in quantum and classical domains. Their immense potential lies in the integration of a wide range of functionalities covering the generation, manipulation, and detection of light within a single compact device. Many demanding applications, requiring sensitive light detection at single-photon levels, rely on avalanche photodetectors which provide high efficiency with near-room-temperature operation.

We are developing an advanced range of integrated single-photon avalanche detectors for both visible and infrared wavelengths. The devices are based on doped silicon waveguides which are coupled to silicon nitride input waveguides, and are compatible with conventional CMOS-fabricated silicon photonics platforms. We are also developing integrated control circuits and opto-electronics packaging for our detectors. Our devices can be combined with numerous components in the silicon photonics component toolkit to demonstrate fully integrated photonics devices.

SPAD SEM image
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