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31 May 2023

Closing date:

At the Department of Quantum Technologies for Engineering, we seek to develop and enhance the performance of solid-state qubit devices. Our research projects are highly interdisciplinary and involve close collaboration with a group of excellent researchers at IMRE. We are currently looking for a research scientist to work on fabrications of hybrid quantum devices that combine van der Waals materials with superconducting quantum circuits. The work will demand making high-quality van der Waals heterostructures, interfacing the van der Waals materials with superconducting quantum circuits and the necessary cleanroom processes for device packaging.The candidate will also work together with other members of our team to perform device characterisations and cryogenic measurements of the quantum devices. The candidate will have the opportunity to participate in the microwave characterisations and qubit measurements, including the setup of measurement protocols, data interpretation and analysis.

Main Responsibilities:
• Design and fabrication of hybrid quantum devices consisting of van der Waals materials and superconducting quantum circuits.
• Study the potential microwave losses of van der Waals materials to improve the coherence properties of hybrid quantum devices.
• Provide technical documentation and manuscript writing.
• Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers.

Job Requirements:

• A PhD degree in experimental physics, materials science, engineering, or related fields.
• Experience in exfoliation and assembly of van der Waals heterostructures.
• Experience in handling air-sensitive van der Waals materials and working with glovebox will be advantageous.
• Experience with characterization tools such as AFM, Raman microscope etc.
• Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team.
• Resourceful in problem-solving and critical thinking.
• Good presentation skills (written and verbal).

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