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Quantum Sensors

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24 Jul 2023

Closing date:

We are looking for an experimental research scientist to join the development of an integrated quantum photonics platform, with a focus on integrated single-photon detectors. The scientist will be heavily involved in developing the device designs, building up our opto-electronics testing capabilities, and eventual device packaging and deployment. The successful candidate will work on the following:

• Design and develop photonics-integrated photodetectors and other silicon photonics devices
• Perform and/or oversee device fabrication processes
• Design, construct, and automate opto-electronic test stations for device testing
• Experimentally characterize fabricated devices (bare chips and packaged devices)
• Design and integrate control circuitry for operating integrated single-photon detector devices
• Integrate, develop, and test a wider integrated quantum photonics platform

Job requirements:

• Relevant PhD degree in a Physics or Engineering field
• Background in experimental optics and/or electronics
• Able to independently plan and execute research work
• Ability to program (especially Python) lab equipment for testing automation
• Direct experience with photonics/photodetectors is desirable
• Familiarity with circuit/PCB design, high-speed electronics, mechanical design, and machining is desirable
• Ability to communicate and work closely with team members

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