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Quantum Sensing with Diamond Colour Centres

Diamonds hosting fluorescent colour centres have gained prominence in quantum metrology as highly versatile sensors. While the use of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centres for magnetometry is particularly well-known, NV centres and other colour centres [e.g. silicon-vacancy (SiV) centres] can also be applied in the sensing of other physical quantities such as temperature and strain.

We are pursuing the application of diamond-based sensors for use in scanning probe microscopy to achieve high-sensitivity quantum sensing with nanometric resolution. This would allow us to explore a variety of interesting nanoscale materials and surface physics, and can potentially be applied in the characterization of nano-electronics and the development of advanced metamaterials.

We are exploring both the use of commercial probes with NV centres embedded in diamond nanopillars, as well as the development of customised probes with tailored geometry and colour centre composition.

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